Doñana National Park’s Anniversary

50 años, 50 premios

The 50 awardered

On the last October’s  16th, it was performed a special gala celebration dedicated to Doñana National Park’s 50 Anniversary, at Almonte (Huelva, Spain).

The Environmental Administration of Andalucia’s Government awarded  50 people, entities, and enterprises, for the 50 years, in order to recognize their compromise and implication on the preservation  of  our loved Doñana.

From Doñanatour, it is an honor for us to have been one of the 50 awardered  and recognonized, for our task and compromise with Environmental Education and Sensitization in Doñana, which we have kept doing for over 30 years.

We want to share this award with all the people who have been part of Doñanatour, and thank everyone who have chosen us to discover Doñana.

The Prize