Doñanatour offers a unique location, situated in the Doñana reserve, with very special facilities and a series of complementary services that make it the ideal place to carry out Team Building activities with optimal results.

Ecosystems available: Marshes, Beach, Dunes, Forest.

De la Hermandad de Rociana building to carry out activities in covered spaces.

In addition to the programmed activities.

And accommodation services.

Aimed at:


Description of the service: 

Doñanatour has facilities suitable for carrying out TEAM BUILDING activities. A typical El Rocío house, with a porch and rooms arranged around a Seville-style patio, lounge cum dining room, lounge café and assembly hall all facilitate group contact and coexistence and the provision of services, as well as the tranquillity and appropriate facilities for carrying out the programmed activities.

Wide range of complementary activities:
The location of Doñanatour is perfect for including other activities related to Nature to Team-Building programmes – Tourism, Culture, Horse riding, Sport, El Rocío Parties and, of course, Gastronomy.

Human Resources

Professional advisors, computer technicians and catering staff.


Audi-visual rooms, Dining room, Bedrooms, Kitchen.

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