At Doñanatour we offer the possibility of organizing a course that defines the ethical principles and commitments necessary for studying Environmental Education and Interpretation.

Training in the Environment with the associate practice.

The physical, natural and social factors that make up the Environment.

Qualifications in the Environmental area.

Aimed at:

GROUPS of more
than 10 people.

Description of the service: 

In relation to the natural and cultural values of the Doñana natural reserve, new productive activities have appeared in the Education and Environmental Interpretation area that are beginning to have importance in the social and business fabric and that demand better training and qualifications.

In this respect there is obviously a need to plan activities to train professionals capable of carrying out their work in the Environmental Education and Heritage Interpretation area, which can at the same time contribute to the comprehensive, all-encompassing development strategies to be applied in the Doñana natural reserve.

The purpose of the course will be to equip course participants with the knowledge, attitudes and procedures to enable them to carry out activities in Doñana aimed at interpreting the functioning of the environment as a system in which physical, natural and social factors are interrelated, as well as defining the ethical principles and commitments necessary for studying Environmental Education and Interpretation.

To promote the training of specialized personnel and the creation of companies dedicated to Environmental Education and Heritage Interpretation, forming part of a service industry that is vital to assure the economic future of the Doñana natural reserve.

Human Resources

The professional profile of the teaching staff will include intermediate or higher education qualifications, with at least three years of experience in Environmental Education and Environmental Interpretation Programmes in Doñana.


Optical instruments. Flora and Fauna identification guides. Bibliography. Audiovisual and sound equipment. Activity materials. Materials for workshops and stationery. Support vehicle.

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